Hello my dearest people,
today I was a Scot!
Why? Because it was my free Saturday and I am in Italy. I can be whoever I want to be!
Why am I writing in English? Because many people have requested it and, as I said, I have been a Scot for the afternoon anyways. So I might as well..

So before lunch I was enjoying my hobby X, which is a hobby I can currently not further explain as it has to remain a secret until it can be exposed as a not-secret. When it was time for lunch, my stomach said „You have just had breakfast 3 hours ago“, but my brain countered that it was time for lunch! So I had lunch. I made myself vegetarian stuffed peppers. I only made lunch for me as there was only one pepper and the family ate later – since they had just had breakfast 3 hours ago. I was too lazy to cool myself rice and I still had lentils from 2 days ago, so I stuffed the yellow vegetables with lentils, tomatoes and garlic. The order of those three ingredients is on purpose, since the amount of each filling decreases with each ingredient. On top I put parmesan, since this is the cheese an Italian household always has on hand. It was surprisingly good and I’m glad I only ate half, so I have the rest for tomorrow!

So after my unitalian lunch (but hey, it had tomatoes in it, so maybe it was a  partly italian lunch?) I met up with Erin and we made our way to the city. Making my way downtown,  walking fast, faces pass and I’m homebound… Haven’t heard that song in a while.

Once downtown we were no longer in Trento, but in Trento of ages past. To be precise, in medieval Trento! Today was the giorno dell’autonomia (day of autonomy). We could only assume that it was the day that Trentino and Alto Adige became part of Italy. Maybe Google will shed some light on that and I’ll update the post tomorrow.


Whatever the occasion was, there was an archery tournament going on in the main piazza. There was even a team from England, they didn’t elaborate further on from where they were exactly. Before the tournament there were even two medieval entertainers in tights! Actually, there were a lot of men wearing tights that day…

Because it was the day of autonomia all the museums were free, so we went to 2 Roman underground museums. One was underneath the city’s cathedral and the entrance was behind the altar inside the church. That was just catacombs though, so we headed for the other one and once there we walked Roman underground streets. Well, actually it was just a Roman street underground, but that was pretty cool!

Afterwards, we decided to grab some snacks at the store, because a great journay lay ahead of us. Since we could not decide on anything else, we grabbed a bag of crisps each and some drinking yogurt. We traveled near, but long, since the little train – they even call it trenino as opposed to the normal treno (train) – has quite the amount of stops until we finally arrived in Mezzocorona. Terri, another Au Pair, lives there and there was supposed to be a kind of festival there. Unfortunately, the weather decided otherwise and we were being rained upon. Not only were all the shows and activities cancelled, but I haven’t taken an umbrella with me. So Erin, that friendly thing, shared hers with me. To fit us both under the umbrella we had to cuddle a little and basically walk like a slightly drunk couple. This caused not only laughs from our side, but also caused us to call it the love’embrella.
Well, since there was really nothing to do in the little village, we decided to find some entertainment in Trento. Since we haven’t read the trains time tables correctly, we waited an hour at the station. In the cold. In the rain. With nothing but crisps.
But we survived and soldiered on!

Fountain at Piazza Duomo at night.

Once back in the city, Erin challenged me to do my scottish accent for the whole evening. So I became Sophie, the Scot. We headed for Accademia, a student’s bar, which started out, to be honest, a bit boring. With drinks in our hands we waited for a guy Erin had met a few days earlier. Why do they make drinks always with crushed ice? I was freezing and the freezing glass didn’t help. So anyways, we told this guy I was Scottish, which unfortunately started a weird discussion about Scottish independence and whether I was pro or contra. Like a really bad fake Scot, I said that I was contra independence, but my grandpa was really pro. Had I told him that I was pro independence, which would have been a lot more fun, Erin would have died laughing and blown the whole charade. Or we both would have.

When had enough of conversations about politics and of freezing from the empty, but still cold glass in my hands, whilst Erin was literally burning up a bit, we decided to take a latenight stroll around town until our bus came.

Safe and warm at home, I can finally go to sleep,
Good night and sleep tight!