Hallo meine lieben Freunde!
Im letzten Bus des Tages stehend, schreibe ich diese bescheidenen Zeilen über meinen letzten ganzen Samstag in Italien. Allerdings, richtig gehört, ab jetzt sind es nur noch 7 Tage!

Zum Frühstück hab ich heut zur Feier des Tages (und weil ich tatsächlich Lust drauf gehabt hab) fette biscottate (Zwieback) mit Nutella gegessen. Typisch Italienisch von mir, doch ein bisschen eine Schande für eine Österreicherin. 😄

Ich hab mit dem 2 jährigen Giulio mit den Rollschuhen gespielt, was im Grunde bedeutet, dass ich ihn an den Händen haltend rumgeschoben hab. Irgendwann hat ein Stimmchen von oben meinen Namen gerufen. Jenes hat zum Alessandro (Gastvater) vom Dach aus gehört, er hat nämlich den Rauchfang geputzt. Kurzerhand haben der Kleine und ich dann eine Einladung aufs Dach bekommen, von wo aus man einen tollen Ausblick bis nach Trento hat.

Per pranzo (for lunch) we had Gnocchi romanese which is a Grieß with eggs and salt (insert English translation here), which is cut into squares and then baked in the oven with Grana (parmesan) on top.

Gabriele, my eldest of 9 years, has a football game every Saturday and since the sun was out and it was my last full Saturday here, we went there by feet, which took us (including stroller and dog) over an hour to get there, but I’m almost used to taking walks!! Who would have thought?

After I went to grab Erin, my favourite afternoon entertainment, and we headed into town. There was a festival del vino (vine festival) which basically meant there was a ton of stands around town, which sold Apfelringe and accessories, deco stuff,… On our way there were also a million bands on the streets (a trumpet band, one band that was singing volare,….)
We also found this really amazing sweet shop full of chocolates and other caramelle (candy). Unfortunately, it was all really expensive and we’re broke, really broke. We go revisit on Wednesday, hopefully our financial situation will be different then.

We went for a quick phone recharge and a cafè d’orzo (malt coffee) at a café and then headed toward Piazza Dante to listen to a band. The small crowd was only standing there whilst Erin and me were shaking to songs like walking on sunshine and i want to break free. The band was made up of a group of young people, I might add! So we ended uo dancing in Dante!! The little spettacolo was funded by the red cross, so there were two red noses women that partied with us. They even had soap bubbles!!!

Two very nice guys from the red cross, who told us never to drive drunk, since it was very very dangerous, tied our eyes with a scarf and had us sit in a car behind the weel. Seeing nothing, hearing only very distorted music and then an ignition going off, we sat in the car. We were apparently in a drunk simulation and when the car shook and we heard a crash and then only a beep and the ambulance’s horn, we thought we had died. But then the guys made us take our scarves off and we saw one of the paramedics reanimating our victim (Reanimation Annie, the practice doll).

So after our grande adventure, we crossed the river (yes, we used the bridge) and found ourselves in a bar with music outside. Being still really cheery and dancy from walking on sunshine, the ACDC cover band came as a bit of a shock. But we quickly made friends with some guys that were totally loving it. Not loving it as much as the drunk guy that was dancing shirtless in the front row, but they were still big fans!

I had to get the last bus to Povo, since I didn’t want to wake my hostfam by means of a barking dog – which I unfortunately did anyways – and I didn’t want to die of tiredness in church tomorrow today.
Well, I’ll have to get up at 6.30 though for that shower. For the first time here, my hair reeks of cigarettes. Now I remember, why I never go out in Vienna.. 😦

Well, buona notte allora,