Meine liebsten Leute,

heute schreib ich vom Computer meiner Gastfamilie aus, aus Gruenden des akuten Internetmangels. Nachdem ich heute aber was mit der Erin gemacht habe, fuehre ich den weiteren Bericht des Tages in Englisch fort, auf dass sie auch weiss (oje, nicht einmal ein scharfes S kann ich hier machen), was heute so abgegangen ist.

My last Monday is gone and done and this time I managed without my weekly homesickness and grumpiness. Maybe it has to do with the fact that it is my last one here and I want to really make my last week worthwhile or maybe it has to do with the excellent company I had. You shall love me forever for my words, Erin!

We had originally intended to go climb a mountain, since there are so many around and we literally would have had to only turn around with our eyes closed, stop and pick one. I still hadn’t managed to recharge my internet though, so we went into town to the TIM (Telekom Italia) store. They only said they could not help me and I had to try to work out the problem on my own. Hmmm… how I love the helpfulness of TIM here. Of course, I have not yet figured it out yet, but maybe I will until Saturday. Or maybe not.

So, already being in town, we really did not feel like going back up again, but per fortuna (fortunately) I was flexible in my plans and we did what I had planned for Wednesday and went shopping for souveniers. I am too poor to buy magnets for the fridge and I figured I already had my snowglobe of Trento. Instead I chose to bring along a piece of my time here. A piece that I can share with my family and that really means something. It’s not something that comes from the heart though, it’s something that stays in the tummy! I bought Foodveniers!! The long name would be Food Souveniers, but I might as well make up a proper name for it, since I’m constantly confused with my languages anyways. I exited the shop with 3 bags filled with snacks – I can’t even fit them all in my backpack, so I have to put them in my travel bag and travel with the huge suitcase and a travelbag! This will be a really awkward trip with so much stuff. I’m just glad I don’t travel by plane!

After we had done all that, we sat in the sun in Piazza Dante, which is the park by the train station. Without all the people it would be a really nice park. All I’ll say is that a police car did a drive around twice. I know that this word does not exist, but .. did I mention my language confusion? It makes me make up my own language!

Sitting peacefully with my 3 bags of food, analyzing my dreams (who knows me, knows they are sempre always very vivid) we were suddenly in the middle of a flying pigeon swarm! The pigeons here are like the men in Piazza Dante: When they fly past, they come way too close!

Well, so that happened. In the evening I played with the kids, when suddenly 2 year old Giulio looks at me and asks: Giochiamo a Donner, Wetter, Bliiiis? (Can we play Donner, Wetter, Blitz?) We have last played that game on Friday or Thursday and he has never before said those three words, but he has always watched us play it and has just picked it up! In fact, this morning he insisted on reading me the story of Giulio Coniglio (Giulio Bunny, or as I always read it to him Giulio Hase). It’s a simple little book and I’ve read it to him often, so he knows the first page by heart. Giuio Hase dorme beato sotto un Baum, he read. (Giulio Bunny sleeps happily underneath a tree, but I used the German words for bunny and tree) Then he grins at me and asks, as I almost always do: Che cos’è un Baum? (What is a Baum?) I then say: un albero (a tree), which only makes him grin wider, as he says: L’hai indovinato!! (You’ve guessed it!!)

The kids have also been told today that I’ll leave on Saturday. Gabriele asked why I can’t stay for the next two years, but then corrected himself and said next two centuries. Beatrice wasn’t in the room and Giulio, upon being asked who will bring him to kindergarten the next week, he answered: La Sofiiia!

I’ll terribly miss the little kids, since they are almost like little siblings to me now.

Oh well, we’ll just see how it goes 🙂

Buona notte,