My dearest of people,
yesterday I came home, today it is weird still.

The kitchen counters seemed lower than before and it was weird seeing all the carpet in my room, which suddenly seemed huge!

Today was General Conference, which means all church members listen to a 2 hour conference of the prophet and president of the church, as well as other so-called general athorities, like apostles, speak. We usually watch it via live stream in our living room.
So this time around my older siblings and their significant others (and my little nephew) came over to spend the afternoon and watch the conference.

We had potatoes and cheese for lunch, which I made with my little brother, who really is not little anymore. He is still 2 cm shorter than me, but I was reaaally shocked when I saw that huge man of 15 years! What happened to my little teddybear?

I finally revealed my secret Hobby X!


It’s knitting!!
Currently, I can’t knit anything other than headbands. Or at least, I haven’t tried anything else yet. I have never been really capable of knitting, but now I am proud to say that I actually know what I’m doing! At least, I thought so. Turns out, I have invented a whole new technique to knitting, but it works! Currently, I’m learning the real way to knit and it takes so much more concentration! How can you ever take a break from knitting and lay aside the needles? How do you know where you are at when you pick them up again?

Apart from my hobby, I also revealed the huge bag of food I bought! I bought fette biscottate, which is what Italians eat for breakfast as a type of bread. Austrians only eat those when we have a stomach ache and can’t eat anything else, though I have to say the taste and consistency is a little bit different. I also bought various cookies, candy, fizzy drinks, malt coffee (since we don’t drink bean coffee) and Fonzies, which is a corn snack with cheese.

Did I mention that I also made Tiramisù? Probably needless to say that I ate so much, I can’t move anymore!

University starts tomorrow with oral competence in Italian and English after. Let’s see how it goes. Wish me luck!