Ciao my dear people,
I didn’t allow myself much time to adjust to being back home again. Today, after only one full day at home, university started. My first class? Oral communication skills in Italian. And I might say that I really rocked it. Well, at least I understood everything and I felt a significant improvement to last semestre, where I funnily had the same prof and he was very pleased to hear that I spent my summer in Italy to learn the language.

Since my two studybuddies from last semestre are both not doing Italian anymore, I had to make some new friends. My past studybuddies can’t be replaced though and the new friends will have to do their best at amusing me 😛

In class we discussed l’uomo e la donna ideale. In a class made up of women and only the prof being male, the discussion on the ideal man and woman was quite amusing and I kept on grinning about the ironic attitude of our prof.
After a quick lunch at my sister’s, I rushed to oral communication skills in English, which was a much fuller class of about 25-30 people. For next week we have to prepare a short presentation about a historical topic, any historical topic. Others will talk about the great wall of China or ancient Egyptian religions, but me and my presentation mate, we will talk about the history of chocolate. I can’t talk about a topic that’s not close to my heart!…and the stomach is quite close to the heart.

The afternoon I then spent with my favourite sister (only have one, but she’s the best anyone can have) and her 3 month old boy. Oh how I love that squishy little monkey!
We practically ate all afternoon, since we got hungry every 2 hours, but we also did Kanga training. This is THE sport for the fresh mommy with the baby attached right on her tummy! She goes to a class once a week, but you also have to train at home twice a week, so that’s what we did. I also tried squats with my 7 kilo nephew.. Hmm good workout!

Now at 9 PM I’m on my way home. I don’t know how to do my normal life anymore! When do I usually get home during the week? When do I have free time and what would I do then? This morning it was difficult to choose my outfit. I don’t know what my style is anymore. I’ve been living in joggies the past two months!

Well, so far I’m loving it though. Let’s see what tomorrow brings!