My dear people,
sitting in the Vienna metro at 9 AM on my way to university I hear a mother speaking netherlands with her little son, two turkish friends chatting, some japanese tourist discussing something. There are people upset about the multiculturality we have in this city, but I love it! I don’t need to understand everything people around me say and language and culture is fascinating me! If only it weren’t so weird staring at people’s gestures, trying to make out what they mean. 😉

My week has been busy! Exactly a week has passed since my last blog post and I have only now realized it. What have I done? Tried to get rid of my cold, something I’m still working on, but it’s getting better, hugged my family members as much as possible, tried to keep up with uni – so far I’m okay, but it’s threatening to overwhelm me any day now!

Wednesday I even found the time to meet up with friends for the first time after coming back! When I left home, my mum asked me: Also gehst du jetzt Party machen? (So you’re going out to party?), which was her way of asking whether I was actually having free time! It was so lovely having time to spend with my friends! We grabbed some chips at a medium velocity food (my way of saying a mix between a restaurant and a fast food place) and to our entertainment, they had about 6 different sauces apart from ketchup and mayonnaise, so we tasted our way through all of them!

On Thurdsay, Taddy and I tried Yoga Nidra for the first time. It’s also called „the sleep of the yogis“, meaning it’s supposed to be extra relaxing. The lesson started with singing a mantra to which we didn’t exactly know the words to, but we did our best singing along like at a rock concert. Then we did some standard yoga exercise and then had a long Savasanna, which means lying on your back and just relax everything!
Later that day, at work, I almost would have ordered myself veganic chicken from the local Chinese restaurant. Yes, veganic, not vegan. (Veganisches Hühnerfleisch – pronounciation: veygahnishus Hüünerflaish)


Saturday my mum and I sorted through all the children’s shoes from when me and my siblings were young. The ones we don’t want to keep for future generations, we put aside for the refugees that are coming to Vienna.


Tomorrow I’ll write more on my refugee project, but you can find all info on Facebook. Just search for BUFFET am BAHNHOF.

So much for my week, have a wonderful one yourself dear friend!