Dear people,
I have no idea for how long I have been home now. Is it 3 weeks? 4 weeks? I think it is 4 week already!

Autumn has definetly hit Vienna by now, everything is orange and yellow, except for the sky. That one is a heavy and impenetrable grey. But that’s okay! Me and my thousand layers of clothing have adapted to the loss of summer. Yesterday in my lunch break from Uni I was spontaneously at the zoo with my favourite – and only – sister and my favourite – and only – nephew. We have discovered that our favourite zoo animals are lemurs! They appear to be over-caffeinated kids in monkey form with a striped tail. We were also really captivated by the penguins!! Ooh, penguins are amazing! Their feet look like leather shoes!

Lovely little lemurs!!

Saturday my family, some friends and me are going to cook for the refugees at the main train station of Vienna. We all have been wanting to do something for them for a while and instead of the (in my family) unwelcome „trick or treating“, we’re doing our part on Halloween. True, Austria is „our country“, but as a citizen of this beautiful country I have to share my blessings with those who were not as fortunate to be born in such a safe and peaceful country. If I were to hate on immigrants and refugees, then that wonderful peace would be fake and soon enough it would shatter and war would break out.

I hope to do more for others in the future and not let Saturday be a one time thing only.

My birthday is coming up and I have been wondering what to do to celebrate.  A friend of mine has mentioned a latino dance bar and I said that was something I’ve always wanted to do. Her reaction was to stop walking and look at me with a shocked expression, when she said: What happened to you in Italy? You HATE going out!!

I haven’t really noticed it, but those two months have changed me.. A bit 😄
And her statement made me miss my partner in crime, with whom I’d take the last bus back home anytime!!

Proof of autumn