Hello you wonderful people!

Today I’ve been babysitting. It was the first time I have been in charge of kids other than my nephew since Italy. And oh my do I miss my kids!

But I’ve also really enjoyed babysitting tonight! And so, for all those young people who’re thinking about going abroad and all those parent who’re thinking about taking an Au Pair, here is the ultimate one on one,
– Au Pair vs. Babysitter –

Au Pairs live with the family. The kids see you every day, they see your morning face, they see you happy or tired, excited and grumpy. They know you. They open up. They hug you. They give you kisses. They don’t go to bed without saying good night. They share their favourite toys with you.

Here's a picture of Vienna at night-time so the reading doesn't get boring.

On the other hand – and my prof for „Reading Competence and Text Production: English“ would kill at this point, because I’m using on the other hand without having said on one hand, apparently a big nono – an Au Pair doesn’t spend as much energy as a Babysitter. As Au Pair I would spend about 5 hours per day / 6 days a week with the kids. As a Babysitter today I spent 3 hours with the kids and I didn’t even know the kids beforehand.

So naturally as an Au Pair you can’t be super fun and playing with the kids every minute you spend with them. You give them space play on their own and take care that they don’t kill themselves. That doesn’t mean that I never played with my kids. I played plenty with them and I loved it, but not all the time. Which is also necessary, otherwise I would have been forcing myself upon them (which I kind of did the first few days and it was weird.. So chill!)

City lights on the danube river.

The Au Pair experience is something really really special and you end up being like an older sister to the kids. True, there were moments when I was glad I didn’t have kids yet, but I really enjoyed my time with „my kids“.

So as a babysitter you get to be super fun, have the kids show you their favourite toys, you can get to know them and their habits. I love getting to know kids. Their personalities are just so clear, when compared to adults. Us old people, we have so many sides to us. Kids are just so candid. You see them. You play with them. They tell you about who they are. Just like that.

Also an Au Pair gets to know the parents as well. It’s funny thinking back about all the people I’ve babysat for. Although I always knew the parents, I knew the kids better, because I’ve seen them play and live in their homes, whilst the parents I usually saw at church and then the 5 minutes at home when they explained to me where the food was and the numbers I should call in emergencies.

Oh and here is me with glasses, should I ever need some. What do you think?

Oh and one more thing: Au Pairs are cheaper. Way cheaper. 😉

That is all for today!
Good night,